The Heartbreak Symphony in Drop D

by Jose Garzon



Recorded at Monkey Trench Studio in Bremerton, WA.
From August 15th-18th of 2013.
Produced and tracked by Bradly Miranda. Co-Produced by Mike Herrera.
All songs and music written by Jose Garzon. Except "Stay Alive" Co-Written with Allie McGlade. Lead and rhythm Guitars by Jose Garzon. Bass by Mike Herrera. Drums by Keef West. Mastered by Charles J Wall. Album art by Ten Huundred.


released December 8, 2013




all rights reserved


Jose Garzon Seattle, Washington

Jose Garzon (born in Guayaquil – Ecuador) is a musician most widely known as the vocalist and guitarist for the pop-punk bands Sunset Lily, The Absentee Ballot and FLF, where he is the only constant member, as well as bass and guitar player for bands like:
MXPX and The Bunny The Bear.
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Track Name: Fly Away
If I could answer all of your questions
Would you stay with me tonight
I promise not to lie
This could change our lives.

Let's make this night counts
Because tomorrow will come
Lets pretend that we're fine
but I'm slowly dying

And ill let you fly away
Just be mine tonight

Lay down , close your eyes
and feel my heart beating
its beating for you (x2)
way back...

That tuesday in may
1st row at my show
So many faces but I only saw you
I wish you'd feel the way i did
that night

Lets drive around
this sad and lonely town
up first , down main
counting white lines
and racing street light
now its time to say

woah (x100)

**Repeat 1st verse**
Track Name: Stay Alive
I wanna know if you're ok
Things aren't exactly how
I wanted them to be
I never planned on leaving but as long as your heart beats, you'll be fine.
And it makes think this pain was worth it. Just promise me ...

You won't stop breathing
I need you more than you'll ever know
But if we're honest then
You're better off alone

I know it's late but I'm sorry for leaving
I should've left a kiss and a reason

I was honest when I said you're better off
With someone else than me
And that's exactly what I meant
When I dropped my bags and I grabbed my keys.

I need you more than you could know
If I'm honest then, you're better off alone.

I wanna know if you're ok
Things aren't exactly how
I want it them to be
I never planned on leaving but as long as your heart beats, you'll be fine.
And it makes think this pain was with it. Just promise me, You won't stop breathing.

And If i wasn't there for you, I'm sorry
I trade these lonely roads to be with you
Every day , I've been away
I've become a better a man
Im cutting chains


Don't follow the light
I'm holding your hand
We'll be , just fine
We're all here just waiting
For you
Track Name: Amanda
If I had to lie
I'd say I really don't miss you
I don't love and I never did
Sing a long

If i could go back in time
I'd tell myself to stay away
I regret it, and ill forgive
but ill never forget

I chose the long way out.

Where were you
When I needed you the most.
How could I , trust you now?
You left a hook in my chest.

Reeling me into nothing
Leaving me high and dry

And now time is the best for you
But it's time to move on for me
We will "never never"
Let this go...
Ill be waiting..
Laughing as you fall
Regretting what you've done
I guess I could say, I won


Dear Amanda,
It's time to cut the line
Track Name: Aunque Me Odies (Una Cerveza)
Esta noche yo quiero beber
Conversar y sentirme feliz
Esta noche quiero olvidarme yo de ti
No de donde ni con quien
No se Cuantas Hoy me voy a dar
Pero tu traición se merece más de 10.

Y cada vez que escuches esta canción
Te dolerá por mi
Y cada vez que mires a luna llena
Te acordarás de mi
Sólo quiero hoy...


Una cerveza
Para mi
Que me haga sonreír
Que me entienda y que me haga feliz
Por ti..

Una cerveza
Para mi
Que me trate como tu
Que me entienda y me hable igual que tu..